Pre Checks For Operating Scissor Lift

The person who is going to operate the lift should have undergone proper training for operating it. He should have been instructed properly about how to handle the lift safely. Precaution measures should have also been taught to him.

As Scissor Lift is used to transfer huge loads, make sure that the path is clear, there are no holes on the path, there are no ups and downs and no co-workers on the path.

Make sure the battery is fully charged.

Wear recommended protective apparel and accessories before entering the platform.

Do some pre inspection before operating the machine. Make sure that the wheels, platform floor, toe boards and guard rails are in proper condition.

Check whether it is functioning properly.

Once everything is checked, load the platform with the items and operate the lift by moving the lever.

Make sure you follow all the pre checks and handle the lift safely. To know more about it visit